Automated Tee Time Instructions

While the draw is being done, you will not be able access to the Automated Tee Time System; it will be reopened after the draw is complete.

Once the draw is completed, please call to confirm your tee time.

After the draw is complete, additional tee times may be available.  Please call the reservation system to check availability.  The tee time will be confirmed during your call. The system will give you the closest available spot to your requested time.

All members must use the automated tee time system for all tee time requests.
Please contact the Pro Shop if you are calling for day of play requests. (902-465-4653)

When calling the Automated Tee Time System
1. You will hear the initial greeting “Welcome to Hartlen Point.....” (You may skip this by
pressing “1”)
2. Enter your access code when prompted.  Press #.
Please note:  your access code is your membership number.
3. Enter your password.  Press #. 
Please Note:  Your password is the same as your access code until you change it by choosing Option 4 on the Automated Tee Time System.

To Make a Tee Time
1. Press 1.
2. Enter your desired date (MMDD) i.e. 01 May would be 0501.
3. Enter your desired time (HHMM) i.e. 7:30 would be 0730.
4. Press 1 for AM or Press 2 for PM.  Remember 12 Noon is PM.
5. For additional players:
a. Enter player’s access code  + #
b. Each of the members in your group will be identified by name.
c. You will be prompted to Press 1 if correct.  If incorrect, Press 2 for the opportunity to correct that member’s number.
d. For a guest Press 9 + #
6. The Automated Tee Time System will advise that your reservation has been saved. Please wait to receive this message before hanging up.

TIP:  Please request the tee time that you actually want to play.  The automated system will provide you with a tee time that matches your request as closely as possible, based on the number of requests and the times available.